I Wish I Could Say

I wish I can say I have improved a considerable amount from the beginning of this course to the now ever drawing end, however I find myself lacking the confidence to do so.  I was not a master poet before and I have certainly not become one after, though I cannot say I have not learned or improved, but it has not been considerable in my opinion.

I have learned a little about myself over this course and reconfirmed some things which I have always known but did not think ran so deep in who I was.  I have learned how important drafts are and now I know I am going to incorporate them into my own personal writing.  The importance of drafts had never occurred to use myself, I never thought I would need to use them in the methodological order that I have learned here.  Yet now that I have I know I cannot go back to the mess of a system I used beforehand, and I am confident it will improve me in the long term.

Somethings I have reconfirmed about myself and my writing capabilities the run of this semester and course is that I have difficulty conforming to the prescribed and desired writing structures.  This is something I have struggled with all my  life from when I learned to write, the teacher says to write a story about a poet, I write a poem about a story.  I just neglected to acknowledge how this affected me.

I have improved but not in any exceptional or in anyway that deserves any special review.  I can feel it in the less stress I feel when writing, how I have slowly become more aware of my own objective and how to properly express it through words, and example such as now.

In conclusion I have improve but not enough to be satisfactory, and this does not bother me because I know I shall improve with more time and effort.


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