The World Is My Soul

“Hunting teaches young people to be responsible and environmentally aware.”

My generation has been raised in the most inventive, and progressive times of history, yet as we excel through the years in our advancements in technology and medicine we lose ourselves in an increasingly complex society.  By learning how to hunt, an ancient practice that many humans across the world still participate in, we can allow my generation to reconnect with a resource that as the decades have passed, has become less and less valuable to our daily lives.  Our species evolved from a natural setting and were immense impacted by our environments, in school systems most of our class and knowledge of this is hard scientific facts and not the inner balance that is provides.  Hunting develops an understanding of nature and its importance to the maintaining the lives of their prey and themselves, and with that understanding comes the knowledge to preserve so that new generations my learn the same.  Hunters learn patience, discipline and how to handle responsibility of themselves and independence.  Which are important life skills will develop as they grow, and the act of hunting is not just a passage of hunter and hunted, but a realization how much is offered to us on our beautiful and bountiful world.  A lesson that must be protected and encouraged for all to come after our generation.


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