“We are all humans, what right does one have over another?”

Harvard Students vs N.Y. Prison Inmates


Harvard Students:

Illegal immigrants should be allowed to attend public school and obtain a basic education, we want to build the trust of these people so that when they become a legal member of our society they are prepared.  With new minds and new innovations we can continue to build our nation, there have always been immigrants to this nation.  Whether they were Irish, Chinese or Moroccan, if they can do it then why cannot them?

 N.Y. Prisoners:

No.  Illegal immigrants should not be allowed, our country needs to focus on its own citizens before doing so with another’s.  Why should we be willing to educate these people when we can hardly educate ourselves?  Why should we allow our already dysfunctional and unbalanced education system become anymore flawed?


I believe that the Harvard debate team will employ the option of aiding the illegal immigrants in an education, because they want to be seen as inclusive and progressive.  However I feel at the same time this is a personal matter to one of the students, as in it would not surprise me if one them was the child of two illegal immigrant parents.

The inmates will be surprising, in the fact I believe they will want the opposite, coming from people who have experienced the harder side of life, emotionally, physically or mentally they understand that the system employed by the government is flawed.


Personal Opinion:

We should not be focusing on this debate, because in the end what good is going to come from it?  It is something to entertain us, not to educate us.  It is a topic that despite whatever belief you have in the American government is Not Going To Happen.  There are too many people that do not care, too many that have been scarred by the defective systems to give a shit for others.  In a country that is so Big and Great then where is the support for its legal citizens?  My stance holds with the words from The Newsroom “America is not the greatest country in the world anymore” 2012 TV show.

However I also be that things will change, perhaps in my generation.

I can only do my part to change the world and hope.


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