I am not the most persuasive person you will eve meet, yet when it comes to careful consideration and planning I can make a situation the most optimal for me to properly “persuade” someone to get what I want.  Perhaps this could be called manipulation, or maybe just using the resources available and my own intellect.

I was thirteen when I began to style my hair and wear makeup on a regular basis, every school morning I would applies foundation, concealer, blush, mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner and sometimes eye shadow.  That was the however only done when I got to school because I certainly could not do it at home.  As neither parent knew, and my brother did not say anything because he wanted no involvement(like always).

I realized that they would find out eventually, they were far too observant to not.  So I wrote the pros of allowing me to wear makeup, clarifying it as a progressive step in  better understanding and how to express myself.  Both of which they strongly supported before hand(in healthy personal growing ways), so when I told them I would be was makeup they were caught.  The only way to refute my option would to back track their own words and beliefs of learning your own identity.

After I had spoken and stated all my points they sat in silence until my dad started laughing and declared “i had them beat”.  Reluctantly mom agreed in so many words, but she accepted and that was enough.





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