Paul Akinson “A Lawyer Of Then A Teacher Of Now” Profile

It began as me calmly waiting outside Mr. Akinson office, I wanted to be on time, and I had another minute and a half to wait before I would knock on the door.


One thought on “Paul Akinson “A Lawyer Of Then A Teacher Of Now” Profile

  1. The draft absolutely focuses on only one individual and it is presented from a different perspective. The draft does make a good case for why the subject is important and explains in detail what he has done. I have to admit the subject did indeed make me interested in what Paul has done and had to deal with in his old career.
    The draft has quite a great opening almost like the beginning of a story it intrigues you. The flow of the information is organized very well and it follows a timeline. They use transitions and chronological language as well as good use of paragraphs.
    The draft provides extremely in depth detail. There is an appropriate mix of description from observation and quotation. They kept me extremely engaged in their writing.
    They do not assume a role as a detached person they are quite prevalent in the draft. I can understand the subject and attitude of the writer. I can identify their insights into the subject. All in all it was a fantastic first draft the only thing I can think of to make it better is to finish it completely.


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