“What The Best Interviewers Get Right”

When I began to read this article I was not interested in the slightest, I had never been the most particularly drawn to this blogs or shows before, not to say they have never interested me in the past or current time.

The subject of this article can appear dull or something that just isn’t considered to be great importance.

Yet I found that it is not true.

It reflects on our daily lives more then we may realize, when we speak to someone for the first time we may subconsciously use a few of these tactics determined who the person we are speaking to really is, in order to diagnose if they are trust worthy or not.

This article gives a basic understanding of the different methods of approaching an interview (or interrogation), and when you read you can pick up on your own method in the fold.

Personally I love to watch Bill Maher, he is simply Amazing, his style and class and humour always keep me entertained and if I could copy a style for which I could basis myself on it would be his.


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