“This I Believe” Draft #2 Faith In Humanity

Is Humanity worth believing in?

It is a question that has left me without rest, and it is a question that has evolved my perceptive of the world and our species.  I have asked myself this so frequently that there is no way of counting the pain  or awe it brings me.  Sometimes I can see it in others, this question of faith in something that history has proven again and again that we are not.

Yet to me the answer had manifested long ago, in the form of tears and words I could not understand.  I found out his name later in life was Charlie Chaplin, and his speech in the Great Dictator ignited something within me which has continued burn to this day.



We have as many good quality’s to our nature as we do bad, we are complicated complex organisms that struggle to understand ourselves and as much as others, yet when I observe the world so many only seek to see the flaws and not the values.

However, I believe with unshakable conviction that that it is through our deeply flawed selves that we can become more.  That the pain we inflict on each other and our world will teach us, will mend us, will give us hope in ourselves.  It is evident in history, that the times when the world was most dark that our greatest accomplishments were achieved.

I have Faith in us, I have Faith in Humanity.

It is something I can confess without doubt, to others it seems like a burden, a blind belief to criticize and antagonize.

Yet….if it is a burden then I bear it Gladly.

A single person, a small act can kindle change in us all.


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