Wikipedians Do It For Love

Sue Gardner is a Mary Sue.

She is intelligent, warm, passionate, Canadian(so proud of my nation and its citizens) and driven.  I just wanted to include that.

None of these quality’s are bad, but I feel that she is being too absolute, too idealistic with her general consensus of information on her fellow “wikipedians”.  They may enjoy the spread of knowledge but that does not mean they enjoy social interaction, or that they are a social butterfly.  It could even be that all they want is recognition for their research ability’s to obtain a source of employment,  after all Wikipedia would be the perfect site to be validated for your skill.

I do like her explanation of how Wiki is this “radical openness, radical freedom and radical convergence”.  There it is common to put down the strange and almost unknown, people can put the facts for the whole of the world to see and read, something I feel is desperately necessary with our increasingly shadowed political atmosphere.

I believe Wikipedia is going to play a larger role then now in the future and I will watch with the rest of the world, witnessing what role it shall play.


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